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Jason Horner MCM Database SQL Server MCSE Data Platform MVP Microsoft Data Platform

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Data Warehouse Rescue

The project started off well but along the way deadline slipped the team lost traction and the users are unhappy with the delays. You need to get your project back on track and fast. The data warehouse rescue is the surefire way to get even the most difficult projects moving in the right direction.

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BI Jumpstart

You felt the pain of a failed BI project in the past this time you vowed things would be different this time! Feel secure knowing that choosing a BI jumpstart will give you the right mix of training and implementation experience so that you team can be efficient and successful.

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Data Platform Checkups

Whether you need help with an existing BI or OLTP Environment. From the smallest size to the most largest most complex enterprise environment. the Data Platform checkup will identify potential gaps and risks, provide both tactical proactive actionable steps that can be implemented in the next 30 day as well as a longer term strategic roadmap for the next 90 days.

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SQL Sherpa

Whether you just need to bounce some ideas off someone or you need help tackling a particular pesky problem, the SQL Sherpa services will carry you over the top of even the most Everest size data platform challenges. Purchase per incident support at a flat rate and rest assured that if we don’t fix the problem you won't be billed.

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I can deliver custom training at your site or remotely the Training topics include:
Dimensional Modeling (1 day)
SSIS and ETL Design patterns (1 day | 5 day)
Azure OnRamp (1 day | 5 day)

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